A day in Dorze village

A day in Dorze village

I had many doubts if describe this place for you. My critical attitude to the tourists behavior in Africa worried me, that if this place became more and more popular, growing number of visitors would destroy it. On the other hand I’m aware that no matter if I publish one article or not, tourist will arrive to … Continue reading A day in Dorze village

El Campero tuna restaurant in Barbate

El Campero tuna restaurant in Barbate

You may laugh, but before I visited Andalusia and El Campero restaurant for the first time, I thought tuna is a small fish which fits in the can. How surprised I was to realize that this spectacular animal can be 4 meters long and weight even half of the ton! 😉 Today I would like to invite you … Continue reading El Campero tuna restaurant in Barbate